Samsung Wants To Peek Into HTC-Apple Settlement Agreement

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Samsung has proposed in a court filing to compel Apple to show the undisclosed details of its licensing deal with HTC, an action that could drop a sales ban against Samsung products.

Apple and HTC has recently reached a settlement that is ends all their ongoing and upcoming patent disputes in the court. Its a 10-year licensing agreement between the two companies and specific details of how much HTC will pay Apple are not disclosed to the public.

The filing is part of the post trial proceedings of Apple vs Samsung trial that now asks Apple to reveal the details of licensing agreement with HTC.

If Apple has included its entire patent portfolio including the user experience patents while reaching a licensing agreement with HTC, that analysts are assuming didn’t actually happen, Samsung could be given an edge as they would blame Apple to treat HTC differently while they are dragging Samsung in the court.

It is highly likely that court will ask both parties to resolve the issue by reaching a settlement by asking Samsung to pay for Apple patents instead of ordering to block Samsung’s product in the country.

Apple is highly likely to appeal against it and they would prefer not to disclose the details of its 10-year licensing agreement with HTC.

The Cupertino based company would also require permission of HTC to disclose details of their settlement as they were supposed to remain secret.

Samsung’s executive has reportedly also told that they have no intentions to settle with Apple that means they are likely to have a fight in the court instead of paying and settling.